By Mdrebahri

June 22, 2016

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

In recent years, some former Eritrean political prisoners, escapees from Eritrea’s maximum-security prisons, along with some human-rights organisations, have been reporting that many members of the imprisoned  G-15 are already dead, some have become blind while others are very ill, awaiting horrible death.

However, during his June 20 2016 visit to Paris, the Eritrean Foreign Minister, Osman Saleh, said that the high-ranking Eritrean government officials, journalists and other veteran fighters incarcerated without a court order by the dictatorial PFDJ regime in 2001 were all alive and in good hands and would very soon be brought to court and released.

The question, therefore, is: if the members of the G-15 and the other journalists are alive and well, as the Eritrean Foreign Minister claims, why doesn’t the Eritrean government allow independent journalists and family members of the imprisoned to visit them? 

The above lies pronounced by Eritrea’s Foreign Minister remind me of the lies Haile Menkerious told the participants of the Bologna festival in 1976 concerning the Menkaai movement. Haile was asked by some angry Eritrean participants in the festival to tell them what had happened to the Menkaai.   

He told the packed audience, numbering some three thousand, that all the imprisoned Menkaai members were alive and well. However, should the need arise, the Eritrean Popular Liberation Forces (PLF), shouldering the heavy responsibility of the Eritrean revolution, would not hesitate to kill them. What is disturbing here is that, at the time Haile Menkerious was uttering these lies, the Menkaai group had been murdered. Thus the same could also be true with the G-15.

Here are some of the names of the Menkaai leaders that were cruelly executed by the direct order of the EPLF chieftain, Issayas Afeworki and his henchmen: 1)Yohannes Sebhatu; 2) Dr Russom; 3)Tareke Yehdego; 4)Mussie Tesfamichael; 5)Afeworki Teklu; 6) Habte-Selassie; 7)Aberash Melkie; 8) Dehab T/Tsion; 9) Habte Kidane (gorrilla), and 10) Debessai Ghebre-Selassie.

These are some of the pictures of the men that have been sending thousands of Eritrean heroes and heroines to their graves and playing with the Eritrean people like toys!! 

The Menkaai group was a progressive rectification movement which arose within the ranks of the PLF (the PLF was a merger of three organizations made up of disaffected Eritrean guerrilla groups who had fled from the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) in the 1970s, whose members were imprisoned and liquidated in September 1975 by the direct order of Issayas Afeworki, the present Eritrean dictator.

It is important to note here, in passing, that not only do both EPLF and PFDJ leaderships have the habit of deceiving and lying to the Eritrean people, but they have been playing with them as if they were toys.


  1. Dr Tsegezeab :-
    Do not shoot own your foot. A House Divided Against It self Can not Stand. As far as we know Ambassador menkerio is taking the fight against the dictator. he is doing much more important job than you. Please check your motives may be you’re doing this out of hate and joules because you didn’t achieve what he has achieved so far.