The Internal and External Woyanes are the Enemies of Eritrea and Its People!!


By Tewolde Gebremariam

Eritrean patriots ought not doubt the conspiracy hatched against Eritrea and its people by Meles Zenawai and Isaias Afewerk. The interview conducted by Paul Henz with Meles Zenawi, among many others, clearly affirms that the survival of Tigrai takes precedence over that of Ethiopia. Indeed, according to Meles Zenawi Tigraii cannot survive without the Eritrean Sea Ports. In saying so, he was implying that by hook or crook Eritrea and Tigrai must come into mutual agreement in the use of the Eritrean Ports.

This of course was a threat into sanctity of Eritrean Sovereignty. However, Meles was not issuing a baseless idle threat; he had the support of Isaias Afewerk, who he said had a problem with the reality of Eritrean Independence and that the reason he was limping about Eritrean independence was because he did not muster the requisite power to stop it.images (1)

Zbee Ksab Zhalfelu Yhnks is expressed by the wise as warning to the gullible not to be deceived by the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Meles was therefore saying that, even if Eritrea became independent, Isaias Afewerk would strike at opportune time to bring about the Conspiracy into fruition. The handing over of Badme to woyane in 1985, woyane border instigation, the illegal and unnecessary war of 1998 he launched on Ethiopia , his mismanagement of the war, his overthrow of the Eritrean government and all the subsequent tragic situations he plunged Eritreans into were part and parcel of the conspiracy the two had woven. There should no doubt about that.

The reason, in the aftermath of the 1998 war, he subjected Eritreans into prolonged agony of subjugation, starvation etc. was to induce them forget their glorious cultural heritage as a means of making them amenable to unite with Tigrai.

He borrowed this evil means of realizing his chicken dream from the Chinese experiment on the prisoners of the Korean War. The Chinese got the idea from Russian Scientist, Pavlov, who, while experimenting with his dogs, inadvertently found out that his dogs could lose all that he had trained them if subjected to unbearable hardship for long time.

He is now doing every trick he can muster to discredit the Commission of Inquiry who has convicted him of committing of Crimes against Humanity. But, if he is innocent as he claims, why not open his closets, his underground prisons, to the Commission ; why not show them documents under which he incarcerated Biteweded Abraha and many others?

No, he won’t do that because he knows he is a criminal, hiding behind evasion and euphemism!!!!


  1. Issayas did his job.. What about Eritreans? Shouting always is not fruitful. We have show in action by uniting under the Eritrean real national organization. How many times do we have to shout? We have to be practical. We have enough information to start for action. But we lack unity. As the Eritrean proverb says, Eritreans are agreed not to agree.
    Issayas pretended revolutionary is always happy of our disunity. Let us unit to take back our land from him and his followers. There is now way to achieve our goal without unity. The only problem we have is the problem of unity.
    We never learned from our past mistakes.with regarding of Tigreans. We have been fooled for so many years. We have to stop it. Those among us in diaspora we have to stop them taking an advantage from us. Then we will be united.
    Please listen the video by Aron Gebreyesus interview on Youtube what Issayas is playing game.

  2. Internal enemy is the worst of anything. As long as this Hitlerian president is in power, Eritrea will continue to bleed. The more he stayed in power the more difficult will be to fix the situation of Eritrea after his decline. We need to do more not just oposing and condemning the system. But we have to form a big and inclusive national conference in which we can make a temporary government who can address our issues to the world.