The International Community is staying Dead Silent while the Saudi Royal Family are committing a pogrom against the Yemeni population!!


Editorial Comment

By Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

It is now almost a year since the illegal intervention in Yemen, with extensive bombing beginning in the sovereign state on March 26 2015 by the Saudi royal family and their mercenary Arab allies, including the PFDJ government of Eritrea. The unjust bombing of the country is still continuing unabated.isaias-afwerki-king-salman










Let me state here in passing that, for me, it is mind-boggling to learn that the PFDJ government of Eritrea, which has consistently preached against foreign intervention in the clan-based conflict in Somalia and strictly advocated that the Somali conflict should be solved by the Somali people themselves, is now allying with the Saudi regime in the relentless bombing of Yemen.images (1)

Needless to remind readers, the stance and politics of the Eritrean leader and his PFDJ ruling party concerning the Saudis’ crude aggression in Yemen is based purely on political opportunism as opposed to strategic necessity. Hence, as an Eritrean myself, I am ashamed to see my country involved with the backward and expansionist Saudi government and other Arab and non-Arab reactionary governments against the resistance struggle of the oppressed people of Yemen, the natural allies of Eritrea and its people.

Thus to say the least, the fraternization of the PFDJ dictator with the criminal Saudi royal family is diametrically opposed to, and is a direct assault on the progressive and democratic pronouncements and spirit of the Eritrean revolution.

Surely, history will not be kind to the PFDJ leader and his cronies for shaming the Eritrean people and its progressive and democratic forces.

The Continued Relentless Bombing of Yemen

Yemen is an Arab country populated by Moslems. Paradoxically, however, the bombing of Yemen in a cowardly fashion from the air by the Saudi air force and its reactionary Arab allies is just as cruel and sadistic/fascistic as the bombing of Gaza by the Zionists of Israel.images (8)

As a result, in just a year, the  entire Yemeni cities and towns have been transformed into rubble and thousands of people have been murdered, including women and children, while the elderly and families with small children are enduring a living hell. Supplies of food, clean water, medicine and medical equipment are very difficult to obtain while the bombing of civilian areas continue. Meanwhile, the number of refugees fleeing the country to escape from the bombing is high indeed.

What is equally incomprehensible to this writer is that, despite this destructive situation, there are no protest demonstrations in the Arab world, Europe or the US against the Saudis’ naked aggression and the intentional bombing and murder of the civilian population Indeed, there is very little pressure, if any, from the international community for Saudi Arabia to stop its aggression in Yemen, which has directly affected the lives of millions of Yemenis.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the only exception, but there is very little that Iran alone can do.20150119tu-bush-and-saudi-king-kiss

It is quite clear to me that the American-led Western world is watching silently and are not concerned about the Yemeni conflict precisely because the criminal Saudi royal family are the darlings of the West. The maxim that imperialism has no friends other than its own naked economic and strategic interest is shown to be true once again.


In conclusion, Mdre Bahri believes that what is urgently needed as a first step is to force the Saudis to stop the bombing of Yemen without any preconditions and to help Yemen’s warring groups to sit together and negotiate to solve their internal problems so that peace will gradually return and prevail in the country.