The Islamists, led by Jawar Mohammed, are on the offensive to take over and Islamise Ethiopia and beyond. Watch the video!


After all is said and done, it is of cardinal importance that Eritreans struggling for the realisation of justice and democracy in Eritrea must understand clearly that what happens in Ethiopia, directly and indirectly, affects multi-ethnic and multi-religious Eritrea and its people and vice-versa. As the saying goes, you cannot have a sound sleep when your neighbours are having sleepless nights.

Eritreans therefore cannot stay politically aloof and indifferent to what is happening in Ethiopia; nor should Ethiopians be unconcerned about what happens in Eritrea.

As the readers of Mdrebahri can see for themselves in this video, the political objective of the speaker, Jawar Mohammed, is to sensitise and stir militant political Islam into action and poison the stable relationship between Christians and Muslims in Ethiopia and beyond. Thus, to say the least, the speech is very inflammatory and harmful and should not have been broadcast to a hypersensitive multi-ethnic and multi-religious society, where the wounds of the past are still fresh in the minds of millions of Ethiopians.

Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis