The Meaning of Yiakil and its equivalent term in English!


By Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

In 2004, in my interaction with the global audience in the paltalk chatroom, I adopted the term “Enough is Enough” as a pen-name. Thus, every time I was invited to speak in the Eritrean paltalk room, I was known as “Enough is Enough”. As I will explain, I did not choose this term rather than the word “Enough” then because I sensed a qualitative and quantitative difference between these two terms in their meaning and application.

Let me therefore first of all clarify briefly the existing lack of clarity in the application of the Tigrinya term “Yiakil” among Eritrean political activists and say what its equivalent meaning is in English.

The term “Yiakil” has been translated and applied by many political activists very narrowly as simply meaning “Enough”. In my opinion, however, the term “Yiakil” has a broad, all-encompassing meaning as opposed to the narrow way in which many activists apply it.

The terms “Enough” and “Enough is Enough” are not one and the same in their meaning and application. This is because, while the term “Enough” explains merely a quantity, “Enough is Enough” is a term that can help to explain the situation in which a given people find themselves at a certain period in their history.

Thus, when the term “Yiakil” is applied to express the current Eritrean reality, it means that the Eritrean people, especially the Eritrean youth who have suffered so much under the tyrannical rule of Issayas Afeworki’s rogue regime, can no longer accept the political situation and the status quo in Eritrea as it is today.

It is, in fact, a general call to the entire Eritrean people to involve themselves in a general uprising to topple the fascist regime in Eritrea and to usher in a new era of peace, stability and prosperity for Eritrea and its people.

In other words, the equivalent term in the English language of the Tigrinya term “Yiakil” is “Enough is Enough” and not simply “Enough”, as it is applied at present by justice and freedom activists.

Likewise, when I chose “Enough is Enough” as my pen-name in 2004, and not simply “Enough”, my aim was to convey a general political awareness and a message to my fellow Eritreans that they have nothing to hope for from an incorrigibly tyrannical fascist regime and they can only regain their freedom, human dignity and national rights if they organise themselves on a global level – as the resurgent Yiakil Movement is doing at present – and forcibly remove from the dying PFDJ regime that which rightly belongs to the Eritrean people.

In other words, by adopting “Enough is Enough” as my pen-name, I was actually calling on Eritreans to stop appealing to the fascist PFDJ regime to release political prisoners, or to implement the ratified constitution, or make other, similar demands, but rather to affirm our rights through our own struggle and efforts. Indeed, we can only regain our inalienable human and national rights by terminating the rule of the Issayas -led gangster regime.

Let us therefore encourage, and give our genuine support to, the global Yiakil Movement – a movement which will lead us to the promised land!

God bless Eritrea and its people!

Forward with the struggle!

The Eritrean people will triumph!