The Narcissistic Eritrean Dictator is behind the failed plot to assassinate General Sebhat Efrem!


Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

Someone has asked me to provide an explanation as to how I know who is responsible for the assassination attempt made on the life of General Sebhat Efrem.

As far as I am concerned, although time will provide a definite answer to the question posed to me, nevertheless the available circumstantial evidence directs me to state authoritatively that the narcissistic Issayas Afeworki, who is busy grooming his son to take absolute power
in Eritrea, is behind the plot to assassinate General Sebhat Efrem.

In other words, the assassination attempt is part of the broader strategy to liquidate and cleanse the old guard to pave the way for the son of the Eritrean dictator to have a smooth transition without any challenge.

It is therefore very important for Eritreans to understand that Afeworki is suffering acutely from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). As a result, he is arrogant, cruel and sadistic, usually seeking excessive admiration and attention, with irrational suspicion and mistrust of others.

In addition, as a man with personality disorder, he has difficulty tolerating criticism or defeat and he enjoys humiliating and assassinating even those who were his close comrades and associates during the liberation era.

Sebhat Efrem, the Eritrean four-star general and former defence minister, is therefore merely the latest victim, among thousands of Eritrean liberation heroes, to be murdered and incarcerated indefinitely on the direct orders of Issayas Afeworki.


  1. The assassination attempt on Gen. Sebhat Ephrem is abhorrent because injustice on one person is injustice on all. Who is the culprit of this crime? We will have to wait for the evidence before rushing to judgement. The main problem I have with your post is the way you described the general. You said the victim is a four star general, a hero etc. I don’t agree with this kind of characterization. General Sebhat is a high ranking military officer who has been serving the government of Mr. Isaias for 28 years. So, if Mr. Isaias’s rule is to be condemned for tyranny, it would be more judicious to think of his generals as culprits of authoritarianism rather than heroes. When the history of Eritrea is to be written long after the rule of Isaias is over, I don’t think any one of his long serving generals will go as heroes in the annals of Eritrean history.