The New False TPLF Messiah!! 


By Abel Kebedom

The New TPLF Messiah When it comes to Eritrea TPLF has many messiahs, the patriarch of all being Sebhat Nega. He is the king of all who knows better for the Eritrean people. Sometimes he boasts about the TPLF army invading deep inside Eritrea and returning to Tigrai after completing its mission successfully. Then he turns 360 degree and promises to defend Eritrea from any foreign invader.

Yes, the invader of Eritrea defending Eritrea from other invaders. He tells the Eritrean people that its current leaders are traitors and he is the only liberator on earth that they can depend on. His memory card that stored the information about him being trained, fed, financed and supported by EPLF when he started the liberation struggle for Tigrai long ago is wiped out and he remembers nothing of it.

He does not remember even what happened in shire, Bahridar, Alamata, Ambo, Merhabete and Addis Ababa about 25 years ago. Now the old false messiah is replaced by a new one. The new false messiah’s name is Dade Desta. He is an expert in Ethio-Eritrea politics. He thinks the policy that the TPLF government adopted against Eritrea for the last twenty years did not work and it has to change.

What was the policy by the way? It was regime change, occupying Assab, destabilizing Eritrea, alienating Eritrea and making it a pariah state, deny its right to defend itself by laying arms embargo, develop a human right case against its leaders and foreign investors, make its youth flee its country and finally invade Eritrea and make it part of the greater Tigrai.

Yes. All this did not work for one reason, because the Eritrean people are used to subjugation and mistreatment by the super powers. But in the end they know that they are persistent and resilient and they will win no matter what. That is what made the policy fail. For that matter no one in his/her sane mind thinks the Eritrean people who paid dear for the liberation of their country will accept TPLF’s occupation.

Dade does not say what the new policy is going to look like. But he puts one precondition for the not yet known policy to come to light. He thinks first Eritrea needs to apologize to TPLF for starting the war. From his new precondition one thing is true, like the old messiah the new messiah suffers from dementia. He does not remember that long before the publicized Badme war, TPLF army crossed into Eritrea, expelled teachers and administers of Adimurug and occupied the village.

He does not remember that when Meles was asked to remove his army from Adimurug peacefully, he replied his army was in Ethiopian land. Long before the Badme war Eritreans who lived in Badme and its surroundings were expelled from their villages and their houses were burned to the ground. When Eritrean officers visited the area to talk about the situation they were killed execution style.

Dade does not have the memory to remember this and thinks the victim is going to apologize to the victimizer. Yes, like all TPLF cadres the new messiah is shallow and clueless. He thinks TPLF did more for Eritrea than what EPLF did for TPLF. The drama does not stop in there. The new messiah says if the victim does not apologize to the victimizer then the latter should do everything to destroy the victim. It could not get more bizarre than this. By the way that is the anchor of the new Messiah’s policy taken from the late prime minister of Ethiopia.

Remember, some years ago when Meles was asked why he did not want to return Badme to Eritrea, he said because he did not want the Eritrean government to use it for propaganda purpose. The suffering that the Eritrean and Ethiopian people who live in the border areas are enduring does not emanate from TPLF’s belief that Badme belongs to Ethiopia. It is simply because if TPLF returns Badme to Eritrea it is afraid that it is going to lose its pride. So to keep TPLF’s pride the people of the two countries need to continue to suffer. That is how the TPLF logic works.

Despite TPF’s tantrum and sabre-rattling, despite the internal problems we have, in the end I am happy that we Eritreans are a free country. But I feel sorry for the Ethiopian people who are languishing under the messiah’s of TPLF.

As to Badme, we Eritreans perfectly know that sooner or later the TPLF army will pack its boots and vacate Eritrean territories for good. There is no need to fight TPLF army now. Let’s keep our patience and continue to build our wounded economy.

Glory to our martyrs Awet N’Hafash Abel Kebedom.

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