The Rogue Regime of Issayas Afeworki is taking Abusive & Offensive Measures against the Catholic Church of Eritrea!!


Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

At the moment, the rogue regime of Issayas Afeworki is very busy taking outrageous, disruptive, antagonistic and provocative measures against the administrators of the Catholic Church.

Indeed, the authorities of the rogue regime are busy closing and confiscating illegally properties legitimately owned by the Catholic Church, such as schools and health centres, which provide essential services to needy Eritreans located in different parts of the country.

The draconian and fascistic measures being taken against the Eritrean people in general, and the Catholic and Orthodox Church of Eritrea in particular, should therefore be condemned by all people of good will.

Mdrebahri strongly believes that the ultimate aim of the aggressive measures being taken by the rogue PFDJ regime, led by the crazed Eritrean dictator, is to depopulate Eritrea, destroy it as an entity and eventually subordinate or sell it to Ethiopia.

In view of the flagrant criminal action the regime is taking against the Eritrean people, it is now high time to bring the alarming situation in Eritrea to the attention of the next summit of the African Union Heads of States.

Consequently, Mdrebahri calls on the African Union (AU) leaders to take note of the fact that the Eritrean people are being kept in servitude and are hostages in their own country.

In other words, it is important for the AU leaders to realize that the Eritrean people have become an endangered species in the African continent today. It is therefore incumbent on the AU to discuss the Eritrean issue urgently and seriously and take concrete punitive measures against their tormentor, the  lawless regime of Issayas Afeworki.