The Shocking and Barbaric Killing of Innocent Christian Ethiopians in Libya Is disgusting!!


I saw a shocking video with utter dismay in which innocent Christian Ethiopians are being massacred by ISIS gangs in Libya out of pure hatred towards Christians in general and Ethiopian Christians in particular. This is a cowardly act for which the democrats and other progressive forces the world over should condemn in the strongest terms.

We must also condemn the equally disturbing and dreadful xenophobic killings by South African gangs in South Africa of their fellow Africans. In my opinion, these are very dangerous new developments which must be firmly opposed by both Christians and Moslems before this negative example spreads to other countries in a form of revenge or retaliatory act.

Moreover, unless the international community takes rigorous action in unison, the consequences of this ugly new development will have very damaging consequences not only for the region where the dastardly killings have taken place, but to the entire world. There is nodoubt whatsoever that this vile act which is committed in the name of Islam will remain a great blot in the conscience of all Moslems the world over.

In the meantime, at this dark moment, Eritreans throughout the world should join our Ethiopian brothers and sisters in the planned worldwide protest demonstrations to condemn the vile act against innocent Ethiopians in Libya by Moslem fanatics.

Long Live International Solidarity!!