The Totalitarian PFDJ Regime Led By Issayas Afeworki Must Go!!


Editorial Comment

By Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

The latest political developments taking place in the Horn of Africa – developments which directly affect Eritrea and its people – are a grave concern to all Eritreans living inside Eritrea and in the Diaspora.This is especially so when one considers the reckless foreign and domestic policy being pursued by the totalitarian PFDJ regime and the far-reaching agreements and dealings it has signed with foreign forces behind the back of the Eritrean people.

As far as its dealing with the Arabs (i.e. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) are concerned, the regime is deliberately keeping the Eritrean people in the dark. 
Indeed, behind the backs of the people, the Eritrean fascist dictator, Issayas Afeworki, continues to conspire with foreign forces inimical to the sovereignty, and the immediate and long-term interests of Eritrea, by allowing these forces a long-term lease on Eritrea’s strategic posts, to be used as military bases from which to conduct raids against Eritrea’s neighbours such as Yemen. As far as Mdrebahri is concerned, a regime such as the PFDJ, formed without the consent and mandate of the Eritrean people, has neither the legal nor the moral authority to act on behalf of the people on matters with immediate and long-term consequences to Eritrea.

Nevertheless, we observe today foreign warships and warplanes freely entering and leaving our waters and our airspace without the knowledge or control of the Eritrean people. By so doing, the foreign forces stationed on Eritrean soil are endangering the lives of our innocent neighbours and the lives of Eritreans inside Eritrea as well.

Enough is enough. This anti-democratic and anti-peace PFDJ-led Eritrean regime must go and must go today rather than tomorrow.