The War of the Amhara against Colonel Abiy Ahmed has already started-watch the video!


The Colonel with super-ambition to become a dictator.

Abiy Ahmed is the friend of the Eritrean fascist dictator. Thus by inference, he is the enemy of the Eritrean people who are immensely suffering under despotic dictatorship. It is therefore only natural that Mdrebahri sympathizes with the anger and protests of the Amhara people against the rule of the Colonel with super-ambition to become a dictator.


  1. Dear Brother you know well the Ethiopians especially the chauvinistic Amharas are never in respect of our sovereignty, rather against. Why and where is the reason to support this and that.IN MY STAND, Enough, only you mention the developments as they are, and stick to our business saving our sovereignty and people. The going right and left with Tighray, Amhara, Oroma we do not needthey are trying to distray as by all means, we know them well. If any deal or say it has to be which concerns our country and people on a clear base. On human level we can sympathize on their suffering, misers and tragedies as to any country, people as human beings in general. Sorry its time to be serious after 28 years of independent Eritrea, the disgrace, disrespect, humiliation which they have been showing us and its continuing.