The War on Eritrean culture by Woyane Mercenaries and Eritrean Challabis!!


The Eritrean Chalabis are Woyane trained Mercenaries!

By Abel Kebedom

The great Dutch Social Psychologist, Geert Hofstede, defines culture as “the collective programming of the mind distinguishing the members of one group or category of people from another”.

According to Hofstede the “category” can refer to nations, regions within or across nations, ethnicities, religions, occupations, organizations, or the genders”. From his extensive study on culture, Hofstede came up with five dimensions, the relevant ones to this article being the femininity-masculinity, long and short term orientation and Individualistic-collectivistic dimensions.

While the femininity dimension refers to caring and nurturing behaviour of people in a certain culture, the masculine dimension refers to their achievement oriented and competitive behaviour. Similarly while the short term orientation dimension indicates emphasis on short term gratification, the long term orientation refers to short term sacrifice for long-term benefits.

The people in an individualistic culture look after themselves and the people in a collectivistic culture look after their families and group. In a nutshell the Eritrean culture during the struggle for liberation and subsequent years could be described as masculine, long-term oriented and very collectivistic. Normally women are feminine in nature. However due to the hard, exhausting and challenging nature of the Eritrean struggle for independence, Eritrean women slide to the masculine dimension and equally competed with men.

They showed their bravery and determination in the battle field and supported the front in other economic, social and political activities. Often Eritrean women’s participation in the Eritrean struggle for liberation not only became a morale booster to the men fighters but also was a nightmare to the enemy soldiers. Enemy soldiers often preferred to be captured by Eritrean men freedom fighters than Eritrean women freedom fighters. Such cooperation between Eritrean men and women for a common purpose was exemplary, very distinct and the first of its kind collectivist culture in the world. It shaped the Eritrean struggle socially and psychologically to be a human machine that was ready to destroy any force that stood in its way. Thus it is not surprising to see the Woyane minority regime making our women a target.yg

Woyane has been recruiting mercenaries and Eritrean Challabis to destroy such important and irreplaceable heritage bestowed by the exemplary and heroine Eritrean women to the wider Eritrean society. Woyane clearly knows that the Eritrean women are the symbol of Eritrean bravery and determination. If woyane succeeds in destroying such precious asset, it would definitely be a great achievement to its long term wicked agenda.AMich2013

Hence Woyane started its mission to destroy the anchor of the Eritrean culture by setting a long term plan. The initial attack was started by Woyane radio programs. Such demeaning and condescending programs were constantly broadcasted by radio Woyane and Radio Wogahta in many occasions. Later, to step up the assault, woyane started recruiting Eritrean refugees who had axes to grind with PFDJ. One of the vicious mercenary chalabis was nick named “Pilot”. This guy is very ignorant and vindictive. He would do anything to make any Eritrean bad.Nickname-Pilot-450

He believes if Eritrea is not good for him then it should not be good enough for anyone else. Thus it should be destroyed. What he does not know is that if he was really an EPLF fighter, he was a liability to the front and consequently to the Eritrean people. Thus he may have wasted very precious resources like food and water that could have been used by very honest, selfless, dedicated and goal oriented Eritrean men and women.

A real EPLF ex-fighter does not undermine his sisters who faced hunger, enemy bullet and the cloud of death on his side. That is why I said that guy was fake and a liability to the front. The attack on Eritrean women was also used as a tool for more sinister agenda. The ghost rape and pregnancy story of 20 Eritrean girls in the Eritrean orthodox church in Holland, the hoax story of polygamy in Kenya and the COI report that insults the Eritrean people’s intelligence are some extensions of the woyane agenda.

Recently the desecration of the Eritrean culture and struggle for liberation hit a new low. As if undermining the heroism and determination of the Eritrean women weren’t disgusting and vicious enough, woyane recruited an Eritrean challabi, nick named Yonas Mastica, to subvert our deep and strong respect to the glorious and eternal Eritrean martyrs. I do not know what in the mind of this chalabi is and what he intends to achieve by doing that, but the only thing that is crystal clear to every Eritrean is that this person is the lowest of the lowest and he is too confused and weak to have any political agenda what so ever. If he had a political agenda, he would not say such disgusting, stupid and low level words on a social media.

Hence I can definitely say that he is a looser who achieved the highest moral bankruptcy in the group of Eritrean Chalabies and Woyane Mercenaries. To hear those people claiming that they intend to overthrow the Eritrean government and institute democracy in Eritrea is not only offensive but also an insult to our intelligence. Listening to the messages delivered by woyane minority regime leaders such Bereket Simon and others broadcasted through the Eritrea challabis chat rooms and radio stations, it does not take long to understand who was behind of such vicious war on the precious Eritrean culture.

Hence regardless of our political differences, it is important to all Eritreans to avoid any activity that damages our hard earned culture. Because in the end that is our heritage and that is what we are going to leave to our children and grand children. It is our obligation to protect is at any cost. As to the enemies of Eritrea they will continue to see our culture and heritage, from the thirty year struggle for liberation, as an obstacle to their hidden agenda. Hence they will continue to pursue any means available to them to weaken our resilience and dilute our identity and national unity.

Thus it is time for all of us to stand together and defend our culture and heritage from Eritrean challabis and woyane Mercenaries.

Awet N’haffash and Zelealemawi Zikri N’Sewatna.

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  1. Mdrebahri you are right we are witnessing that our history and culture is under attack from all sides however, that is not the case for me at the moment. It is the dictatorial regime in Asmara who are the main challabis destroying our culture and our nation particularly. It is unfortunate that we have leader that purposely and deliberately disintegrating our population and killing Eritrean spirit otherwise the so called mercenaries of our enemies could not have said a word against our nation. As long as the hitlerian leader Issayas is in power the challabis will continue to attack our nation but will end with the down fall of Issayas.

    • Dear ambabi,
      I hope you understand that the article you read (The war on Eritrean culture by woyane mercenaries and Eritrean chalabis) and commented upon, is not the opinion of Mdre Bahri. It is written by a reader of Mdre Bahri. So I do not understand why you should associate it with Mdre Bahri.
      Mdre Bahri

  2. Any Eritrean citizen has the right to oppose or support the PFDJ regime in Eritrea. However no one has the right to desecrate the history of our heroine women freedom fighters and off course our esteemed eternal martyrs. Only colonizers, mercenaries and chalabies undermine the history of our women freedom fighters and our esteemed martyrs as a prelude to weaken our culture and heritage. If that is not the objective why an Eritrean undermines those Eritrean cherished values ? Hence this is not about opposing the PFDJ regime, it is defending Eritrea. Eritrea is more than PFDJ. Some of the things pilot and his followers said in social media and radio wegahta could be a crime under the European and US court of law.