There is no national service program in Eritrea!!


A Short Comment

By Tewelde Gebremariam

There is no national service program in Eritrea, only Concentration Camp where the young Eritreans are subjected to physical and psychological torture as a means of turning them into zombies, so the impostor Issaias Afeworki and his cabals can use them as tools to realize their Chicken Dream, Tigrai/ Tigrigni.

The title national service, as many others, such as Self Reliance, Awet N’Hafash, Self Defence against Woyane invasion etc. etc. are all purposely concocted  to dupe the people into his accomplices in their very own demise.

But again, no one ought to take my words for it, the economic devastation of the country and the disintegration of the social fabric of our people that have transpired, to state but a few from among the infinite, are the living testimonies on the ground.

However, the impostor is not alone in the project to decimate Eritrea and its people- Woyane is in it as well. Unfortunately, many Eritreans, including the so called oppositions, are deceived by the theatrical exchanges of slanders they, woyane and impostor Issaias, throw at each other.

This is the core of our problem that has kept us divided and unable to removing him. And if we do not acknowledge and rectify it very quickly, we will very soon get to a point of no return.


  1. selam
    unless and otherwise you don’t present with a concrete evidence and deep analysis to support your claim that both the imposter DIA and woyane are working hand-in-hand to the creation of ” The Dead Manifesto” ,how can any one accept your imagination and suspension ,and take into consideration. So a big task is left before we come up to conclusion.