There must be a Conducive Political atmosphere before any Negotiations could start with the Dying Rogue regime of Issayas Afeworki!



Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

On June 19 2019, I posted an article bearing the title “Who Are the Alleged Eritrean Opposition Figures Currently Engaged in Negotiation with a regime in Death Agony?” In it, I explained that according to some sources, the Eritrean government was engaging in negotiation with some “key figures “in the Eritrean opposition forces and that this negotiation was being brokered by the Ethiopian government, led by Abiy Ahmed. I also expressed regret and asked timely questions as to why the names of the alleged opposition figures negotiating with the dying regime have been kept secret.

Similarly, on June 22, 2019, I wrote another article titled “The Eritrean Opposition Must Speak with One Voice to Triumph! In this article, I raised and posed the question that if some members of the opposition have really been meeting with the fascist regime of Issayas Afeworki, as claimed by some quarters, who mandated them to speak on behalf of the opposition camp?  

I thus stated and asked: can such a unilateral diplomatic approach (i.e., without consultation with, and the involvement all Eritrean nationalist forces) be in the interests of peace and unity among the opposition, or in the interests of the surging Yiakel Movement, led by the brave and indefatigable Eritrean youth?

In response to my own question, I stated “unless the opposition camp is represented in any negotiations with the dying regime by a collective leadership with integrity – one that has the full support and popular mandate of all Eritreans residing in the diaspora – surely those negotiations can only be heading towards disarray, recriminations and endless squabbles and that such divisions will, in turn, only exacerbate further divisions among the Eritrean opposition forces, inflict serious damage to the cause of unity, peace, justice and democracy and embolden the narcissistic dictatorship in Eritrea.

Accordingly, I suggested that it is high time now the Eritrean opposition forces formed a democratically constituted collective political leadership, fully vested with a mandate to negotiate on behalf of Eritrea and its people in all international gatherings and at all diplomatic levels until the oppressive/repressive regime in Eritrea surrenders power to the legitimate representatives of the Eritrean people.

As far as the negotiations with the fascist Issayas Afeworki regime are concerned, I am with strong opinion the regime must first declare in a transparent manner its willingness to negotiate the terms of surrendering political power to the Eritrean people. It must also create the following conducive political atmosphere before any negotiations should start:

. It must release unconditionally all political prisoners in the country;

. It must disband the dreadful security apparatus, erected solely to subjugate our people;

. It must establish an independent and impartial judiciary;

. It must allow an independent press to operate legally and freely in the country;

. It must close the notorious Sawa concentration camp until a democratically constituted sovereign Eritrean parliament decides its fate.

With the above demands and criteria fully met, all the obstacles to peace would be removed and the door would be wide open to conduct direct negotiations with the dying regime.

God bless Eritrea and its oppressed people!