This is the Underground Shelter where Eritrean Asylum Seekers are Staying in Bern, Switzerland!


In May 2016, I traveled to Geneva, Switzerland. There I was met by my fellow countrymen, Negassi Sereke (Dembepolice) and Abiel Vacaro (Samsun52) and brother Fitwi (Ewe-Nhadnet). Consequently, together and with the active collaboration of other Eritreans living in Switzerland, 027we organized a demonstration to protest against the Israeli government’s decision to repatriate illegally Eritrean asylum-seekers in a financial deal that the Israel government struck secretly with the governments of Uganda and Ruanda.

At the end of the demonstration, we handed a letter to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, based in Geneva, appealing for intervention on behalf of the thousands of Eritrean asylum-seekers stranded in Israel pending deportation.20150516_163735

While in Switzerland, I had the chance to visit three refugee camps, where a sizable number of Eritrean refugees are staying, in Geneva, Bern and Basel. During my visit to the camps, especially the camp in Bern where I held a meeting with young Eritrean refugees (see photo),


I was really horrified by living conditions in the underground tunnel where clean air hardly penetrates and which lacks proper sanitation. Have a look the pictures I have posted and judge for yourselves.

Mdre Bahri

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis