Tigrai has conducted a Successful, Transparent and Inclusive Democratic Election!


Much to my admiration and joy, the Tigriyan people have conducted a very successful, peaceful, transparent, and inclusive democratic election amid unprecedented siege conditions and military threats by their enemies.

These threats come from the forces of the Eritrean fascist dictator, Issayas Afeworki, in the North, the expansionist, and chauvinist Amhara-led forces in the North-West and the forces under the command of the illegitimate and deceptive Ethiopian dictator Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, in the South.

Mdrebahri.com now believes that with the successful accomplishment on Wednesday, September 9 of the transparent, civilised election in Tigrai, the first stage for the historic declaration of the political independence of Tigrai now seems complete. For it is the inalienable sovereign right of the oppressed and indefatigable people of Tigrai to establish within the limits of their recognised borders and live in an independent and sovereign Tigrai run by the Tigriyans themselves.

Mdrebahri.com sincerely wishes that the gallant people of Tigrai will meet with success in their struggle to fulfill their centuries-old aspirations for freedom and political independence and become the true masters of their own country.

Hopefully, the next democratic, transparent, and inclusive election will be held in Eritrea.

Long live active solidarity between the oppressed Eritrean and Tigriyan people.

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis