Under the Rule of the Jungle, Might is Right!!



 Life under PFDJ Rule in Eritrea is also as cruel and torturous as life in the Jungle!!



    The war of Adwa is victory to Ethiopia under the leadership of Menelik. While it is catastrofic suffering and death to the Eritreans.
    Eritrea was created by the Italian colonizers and Menelik of Ethiopia. Eritreans did not set up the present map of Eritrea.
    Eritreans did not accept the Itlian colony without resistance.
    The war at Mendefera at the end of 1889 and early 1890 took place under the leadership of Barambaras Kifle. The freedom fighter forces totally destroyed at the war of Mendefera with no trace of story teller.
    Coming back to the war of Adwa, what really happened to the prisoners of war of Eritreans is crime against humanity is committed. The captured Eritreans prisoners of war were punished by amputating left hand and right leg.The crime against humanity was took place because the treason of the Eritreans to their mother land Ethiopia.The amputation occurred without sterilization. Most of them died during the amputation time. Those they were left many were left to dye from the wound with help. A few of them left to tell the story were picked up by their relatives, brothers and wives, after months heard by news in Eritrea.
    Imagine here, who introduced the crime against humanity, Ras Sium the governer of Tigray State. He beg Menilik to punish the Eritrean prisoners of war.
    Who is the traitor? History tells us, the Ethiopian leaders. The Eritrean people were sold as property to the Italian colonizers.
    Many Eritrean freedom fighters handed to the Italian colonizers those Eritreans camping in the Tigray State. From Tigray the Eritreans were taken to Nakhura prison camp ( concentration camp) to die.
    Nakhura prison camp was opened to kill Eritrean native who resisted Italian colony.
    Today history is repeating again, Nakhura becoming the concentration camp again to Eritrean native. Who is doing it? I leave the answer to Eritrean native people.

  2. But it was the Eritrean AwAlom military intellect , part and parcel of the Eritrean resistance group, not the mumbo jumbo army of mnelik, that lured the italians to a vulnerable strategy and led them to their defeat. The immortal backstabbers, Amhara/tegaru, in order to hide the truth, resorted to brutaly mutilate the very people , Eritreans, who saved them from total annihilation.

    And remember, the AwAloms were not the first and last to accomplish such feat of military genius and courage. When the so called king Lbnedngle was fleeing from rat hole to rat hole from Ahmed ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi (Gragn), it was Bahri Negasi Isaac in conjunction with the Portuguese that defeated him………….

    When, in the wake of Italian invasion, king Haile Selase fled the country on the back of donkies to French Djibouti , it were the Eritreans, such as Abraham Deboch, Moges Asgedom, part and partcell of the Eritrean resistance, that saved the people Addis Ababa from extermination. But again, our country was not named, Kings of The Sea, for hypocritical consumption.