Video: An Amhara warlord from Gonder is seeking green light to “Conquer” Tigray!!


“The capital of Amhara and Gondar have officially welcomed the warmongering Messafint and his soldiers ceremoniously. As the illiterate man spoke the words of war, he was applauded by a hall full of young people whom some are university teachers, Amhara government officials and students.

“Tigraians should leave our land. They should leave. Some are still living in Gojjam. They should leave [to Tigray] and fight us from there. We will fight. If we are given the permission, Tigray is just a piece of cake for us. [Cheers and applause from the crowd]

Now, we are asking a permission [from the government of Amhara], Tigray is just nothing that we can conquer it easily.

You know the factories [in Tigray], we will bring these here. Somebody should bring those factories here, or we will move them here by force.” Said the leader of the armed group which is now closely working with the regional government of Amhara.



  1. The Amhara, like the Eritrean people, have the right to demand that woyane not only return the lands it illegally annexed to tigrai but also to officially renounce it’s expansionist Manifesto of 1976. As long as woyane does not comply with this demand and the people of tigrai do not force it to do so, tigrai must be progressively squeezed and crushed through any means necessary including, among many others, economic strangulation.

    Woyane, through its mouth-piece of Eritrean renegades, like Petros Tesfagergis and some Eritrean media outlets,such as assenna, awate website etc. are characterizing the demand put on woyane by Amhara as a campaign of vilification.

    During the heyday of twenty seven years of woyanes unfettered tyranny, corruption and all out transfer of ethiopian assets to tigrai and to their foreign banking accounts at gun points, these Eritrean renegades were applauding and eulogizing woyane as just , democratic and a friend of Eritrean Soveriegnity and this is despite of the woyanes’ deportation of hundreds of thousands of Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritreans origin from every corner of Ethiopia and Badme in the worst form of human right violation for no crimes other than being Eritreans , plus it’s continued occupation of Eritrean territory in utter disregard of the Final and Binding decision of the EEBC.

    I have been advocating that woyane is mirror image of the impostor isaias afewerk and that the two have been coordinating their activities against Eritrea and Eritreans subterraneanly. Now their hidden activities are open books because the impostor isaias afewerk has confessed , and woyane is exposed in a video while it was strategizing against Eritrea in a meeting with the so called “agazian” in mekele, tigrai.

    Genuine Eritreans,
    The now exposed twin evil enemies of Eritrean Sovereignty and the people of Eritrea, woyane and isaias afewerk, have been deceiving us into bickering against each other as a prelude to our demise by falsely portraying themselves as mortal enemies and by falsely labeling one another as Eritrean enemies.

    Currently, what I have been saying all along has been confirmed that
    woyane and isaias afewerk are indeed two faces of one coin. Of course what has unravelled before us is shameful for the two warring faction Eritreans who have been waging no war against each other standing either behind woyane or isaias afewerk. But we cannot undo the past. The only thing we can do is to lick our wounds, swallow our pride, undergo rectification , forge Unity and reclaim our Sovereignity from these treacherous tegaru. The sooner the better.