Video: Interview with Dr. Debretsion on the re-opening of the border Umhajer-Humera!



  1. Before any rapprochment with tigray, that is before it uses any of our ports, it must not only vacate Eritrean territory but also pay financial compensation for the decades it has been illegally occupping them; pay financial compensation for those hundreds of thousands of Eritreans woyane deported from Ethiopia and for those it evicted from Badme; it must return all of their hard earned properties , bank accounts with interest. It must also pay for those who died as result of its barbarous and heinous ways it deported them.

    Unless tigray meet all of these demands, the borders must stay closed, in the meantime, transactions with the rest of Ethiopia can proceed along sea routes—-Aseb–Red Sea–Masawa.

    Those Eritreans who are lamenting the current bleak situation of tigrai must remember, as in past, they are helping the impostor isaias afewerk cover up his crimes by quick fixes, and on the other hand, forgetting and denying those Eritreans victimized by isaias afewerk and woyane conspiracy.