Video: Is Issayas Afeworki the descendant of Emperor Johannes?


In the recent past, some self-styled “reporters and investigators” have been spreading half-truths by saying that Issayas Afeworki is a Tigrian and not an Eritrean. As far as Mdrebahri is concerned, however, the dissemination and use of such reactionary views are more damaging than they are beneficial in the struggle for the cause of justice and freedom in Eritrea.

It must be clearly understood that Eritrean democrats fiercely oppose the rule of Issayas Afeworki not because he has Tigrian origin, but because he has betrayed Eritrea and its people. After all, Issayas was born and bred in Eritrea and he is one of those who participated in and led, the struggle for Eritrean political independence. He is also, whether one likes it or not, the self-imposed absolute ruler of independent Eritrea. So he is definitely an Eritrean and not a Tigrian as some of the half-baked Eritrean political activists, inspired by racist thinking, seem to believe and propagate erroneously.

The hard truth is, however, that he is naturally anti-people and anti-democracy and has a fascistic ideological inclination. This is also why Issayas is a great danger to the sovereignty, internal peace, unity and autonomous development of independent Eritrea and to the Horn of Africa region as a whole. But again this has nothing to do with Issayas’s Tigrian origin any more than Adolf Hitler’s Austrian origin has to do with his fascistic deeds and world adventuring.

In other words, what Issayas Afeworki is today is not determined by his Tigrian origin, as some people seem to believe foolishly. Nevertheless, after all is said and done, Issayas is definitely not the descendant of Emperor Johannes, as we are told by some who have consumed undigested and unfiltered information.

It must be clearly stated and understood here that, if Issayas Afeworki were the right person for the top job in Eritrea, the majority of Eritrean people would not care about his origin, just as they would not care about the colour of a cat as long as it caught mice.  

Those who are promoting such unhealthy, and therefore undesirable and divisive, politics are the most backward elements of Eritrean society. Their parochial politics and teachings must, therefore, be rejected outright.

Last but not least, then, the views and responses expressed by Memhir Muluwork Kidanemariam in this video are timely, progressive and justified. 

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis