Video: Listen to this Chauvinist Crap: He is calling for the conquering, disarming and enslavement of Eritrea and its People! 


The above picture shows the fascist Eritrean dictator- the man who has committed treason and a monumental crime against Eritrea and its people- displaying the new map of Ethiopia incorporating independent Eritrea.

 Wake Up, Eritreans!

The chauvinist Amhara Journalist, Tamrat Negera, who has unashamedly called for the conquering, disarming and enslavement of Eritrea and its people has also loudly and openly commended and praised the Eritrean fascist dictator’s evil policies which are aimed mainly at destroying Eritrea economically and humiliating and disorientating its people on behalf of his mother country, Ethiopia.

In short, Ethiopia under the direction of Abiy Ahmed has openly declared war on Eritrea and its people. Let us, therefore, also declare war on his government and on its defense force. We cannot be spectators when our beloved country is being swallowed piece by piece by the historical enemies of our people.

Indeed, we must let the Ethiopians with colonialist ambitions towards Eritrea know that, as from today, Eritrea has become a war zone for Ethiopian officials and army personnel. In other words, Ethiopian officials and army personnel can only travel to Eritrea at their own peril. From now on, let the enemies of Eritrea and its people be informed that every Eritrean is a potential guerrilla fighter, committed to defending our homeland.

Let it be known also that no matter what Eritrea will shine forever as an independent and sovereign homeland for the Eritrean people. 

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis, London 02/01/2020