Video: Listening to this timely and important discussion is a must!!


All the participants at the discussion are supporters of  the PFDJ dictatorial regime. Much to his nationalist credit, Elias Amare has scored great points in the discussion as concerns on ‘Ethiopia’s expansionist dreams’ and on Abiy Ahmed’s idea of ‘Medemer’.

The cover photo is that of Elias Amare.


  1. Indeed Elias Amare looked a little better than the others defending Eritrean Sovereignty but given his past track record, absolute loyalist and apologist of the impostor isaias afewerk, his venture outside his comfortable position must only be strategic to subvert the fast evolving unity of all Eritreans against his master. of course, in vain.

    As they say, He Who Does Not Remember The Past Is Condemned To Repeat It, and He Who Does The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expect Different Result Must Be Insane………….. What Elias Amare told us was therefore a rehash of what the impostor had told us falsely in 2011 in New York that Eritrean National Election would soon be done ; told us falsely that Eritrea would be a strong nation that would never be touched by any nation; Yemane Monkey told us that the Constitution would be implemented etcccccc. Has any of these materialized? None!! Why? Because they were all meant to hypnotize us while they were driving us into their Slaughter Houses, of which the current Eritrean precarious situation is the manifest evidence. We must not see the views expressed by Elias Amare as anything positive but as treacherous.

    Recently, the Amhara, including their former Dergi Military Generals, are waking up from their shame-induced coma thirty years after they, along with their Soviet surrogates, were defeated and scraped from Eritrea by the Mighty EPLFs. In fact, the shameful defeat seems to have scared amd impaired their memory center, hippocampus, permanently because they are nowadays claiming on their country’s national TV to have walked away from Eritrea on their own free will.

    Their claim is absolutely outlandish but nothing is outlandish from these weirdos who claim to be Habeshas but cannot pronounce the word correctly; claim to have 3000 years of independence but have no archeological artifacts to support it; claim to have Solomonic line of ancestry but their linguistic accent, dancing style etc. do not bear any semblance to that of the Jews; they are Oromos and yet they did not leave any stone unturned to dissociate themselves from them.

    Obviously, these people have been running away from their true identity, Oromo, to be somebody else they are not. These underlies their fatal obsession with anything Eritrean. They even had attempted to represent their Ethiopia as a mother of Eritrea. But the Truth is otherwise. It was the Eritreans who not only converted them to Christianity but also gave them their name, “Amhara” after they converted to christianity and adopted our way of life. Remember, The first Christian Monastery in the Horn of Africa was in Eritrea; Geez is still spoken in Eritrea.

    My Genuine Eritreans,
    Together, March Forward with Your Head High, Breathing Courage and Pride convinced that we have brought the Impostor Isaias afewerk to the brink of Demise. There is no turning back.

    Those of you who are still deluded by woyane and isaias afewerk sugarcoated poisonous speeches: You must understand that your misguided act is the one that is holding back our crown achievement. Please understand that in the annals of our past history, nothing good has ever came from the south of our borders except treachery and bloodshed.