Video: The Unparalleled Heroism of Eritrean Freedom Fighters in Action in the Liberation of Massawa February 1990!!


The Barbarism of the Ethiopian government Against Innocent Eritreans in a futile attempt to keep Eritrea under Ethiopian rule is Exposed!

Long Live the heroic Eritrean freedom fighters!


  1. But we have become paralyzed bystanders as the the legacy of victorious Fenql, our Sovereignty,is systematically uprooted and pulverized into the thin air by the deqerbaa saboteurs , whom, instead of vigilantly watch our legacy, allowed them to lull us to our demise hiding themselves with Eritrean flags and professing false Eritrean patriotism.

    when the deqerbaa saboteurs were dragging our heroes, journalists etc. to dungeons, decimating our economic infrastructures and social fabric, bewitched and drugged by their false demagogue of National Security, in spite of warning from informed sources, we applauded them

    On the other hand, those who dubbed themselves ” Eritrean Opposition”, who otherwise were/ are religious and sectarian fanatics, sought help from woyane for their retrogressive interest. Little did/do they know that the saboteurs and woyane were purposely pretending to be enemies for their strategic objective, which was/is to wipe out Eritreans and over their ashes to build Abai Tigrai.

    All the various wars, all the evil schemes of isolating our country from the rest of the world community, all the maneuvering to get our country slapped with sanction by the UNSC etc. the deqerbaa saboteurs undertook was geared to render our country easy prey for their evil hidden agenda.

    However, we must not be deluded into thinking that they have been engineering and implementing all of their schemes alone. No, their old and trusted surrogates, Western Countries and Israel, have been on their sides, providing them with political, diplomatic economic, material etc. necessities.

    Soon after the War stopped and Algiers Treaty was signed, the Western countries opened UNHCR in tigrai, very close to Eritrean border, to lure Eritrean youngsters to leave their country. This was, among others, designed to preempt any Eritrean revolt against the impostor so he could/can continue his onslaught on Eritrea people unabated.

    Even the so called “Eritrean Opposition” encouraged the act. Some of them, the religious fanatics and Jeberti, who do not care whether the Eritrean Sovereignty survived or not, were happy because the Tgrigna population, whom they consider enemies to their conspiracy, was the hardest hit by the flight.

    As to the Western countries’ stand against Eritrea is obvious and historical. Lately, they have allotted $20,000,000.00 for road construction that connect Ethiopia to our two ports, allegedly to boost trade between Eritrea and Ethiopia. But this is another of their many schemes against Eritrea, only intended to save Ethiopia billion of dollars by diverting its export and import route from the long and super expensive road of Djibouti to its nearby and therefore cheaper Eritrean ports thereby making our country a mere Ethiopian conduit.

    The other face of this unethical and immoral project is not only to lure Eritrean work force to the would be booming Ethiopian industry but also ,on the long run, to deplete Eritrea of its people. We must opposite it because our priority is to arrest the impostor and his tegaru cabals and then revive our economy and make it competitive before embarking on such suicidal schemes.