What a Humiliating Act! Look at the Pictures Above!!



May 2, 2016

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

If you look at the pictures above,  the Senior Eritrean Minister of Energy and Mines, General Sebhat Ephrem, is standing aloof and humiliated, while, his junior, Hagos Gebrihiwot (Hagos Kisha), head of the PFDJ Economic Affairs Office, is busy signing a document with Michael Hopley, representative of Sunridge Gold, and Yang Chuan, vice general manager of the Sichuan Road and Bridge Mining Investment.

Such, then, is the political life in Eritrea under the rule of the Eritrean tyrant today.

The callous Eritrean Tyrant

The big question is: How could a great/brave strategist of the war for Eritrean of independence, a Four-star General and senior minister in various ministry’s, such as Sebhat Ephrem, allow himself to be humiliated every day under the rule of a tyrant?

Is it not the time for General Sebhat Ephrem, to act, and join the oppressed Eritrean people in their millions, and be remembered in Eritrean history as the hero who saved his people from extinction?

General, the clock is ticking.