What a Shame!


The humiliation of Eritreans has now reached its zenith, yet no action is taken against the crazed Eritrean dictator!

what a shame!


  1. Eritreans are awakening on the impostor isaias afewerk and his cabals’ treacherous conspiracy on our country. Now that we have awakened , I do not have any doubt in my mind that we will resurrect our country from these treacherous Deqerbaa. They will pay the price of the Genocide they maliciously perpetrated on our people through myriads of means, including:
    Premeditated alse wars,
    Social disintegration,
    Economic deprivation, through,among others, dilapidating every economic infrastructure in the country; calling farmers for compulsory military training at a time of seed sowing and harvesting; preventing their kids from helping them in the farms by compelling them to be in fake reforestation programme; expelling NGOs from the country under various false pretexts etc.

    Spreading deadly cancers by forcing our people eat expired foods, oils, genetically modified food products,

    Forcing Medical Doctors to close down their private clinics as a means of exposing our people to needless morbidities and mortalities

    Purposely hyperinflating commodity prices through rampant black market ,

    Exposing our fleeing youngsters to prearranged Rashaida Human Traffickers etc.

    Nowadays, our people in diaspora , particularly the so called PFDJ supporters and the opportunists, seem to have awakened to the treachery of isaias afewerk and his cabals. This is good because it was this class of Eritreans that enabled the impostors to undertake and inflict Genocide on our people and finally declared, openly Eritrea and Ethiopia are one country , for which they expressed their allegiance by swearing to give their lives for it.

    Unfortunately, there is another class of Eritreans, the so called “oppositions, New ELF, Alnahda, Kunama Liberation Front, Afar liberation front,, assenna, awate, etc.”, who have not waken up to their thirty years of folly. To date, even after the impostor isaias afewerk openly swore his allegiance to Ethiopia and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia is operating as if he is also the Prime Minister of Eritrea, they are still under the illusion that woyane and isaias afewerk are sworn enemies. However, considering everything, they are not really that important.