What should be the stand of Eritrean nationalists should the belligerent Eritrean Dictator & the Ethiopian Prime Minister unleash a war of aggression against TPLF led Tigrai?


Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

According to reliable sources, after the sudden closure of all Eritrea’s borders with Ethiopia and the Eritrean dictator’s recent visit to Ethiopia, in his preparation to invade Tigrai from the North, the Eritrean fascist dictator is amassing his soldiers along the borders with Tigrai. So is the Ethiopian Prime Minister and his followers threatening to start an all-out war against Tigrai from the South.

In addition, the followers of the Eritrean dictator in the social media are boasting that the “Mighty Shabea”, under the command of Issayas Afeworki, is about to take swift and decisive action against the TPLF in order to teach them a great and unforgettable lesson.

Obviously, the political objective of the build-up of the Eritrean armed forces along the Tigrian border by the Eritrean fascist dictator is, first and foremost, to intimidate the TPLF generals and the political leadership to force them to submit to the dictator’s dictates and to keep them sleepless and preoccupied with watching the movement of the dictator’s soldiers on its borders.

In other words, the major political aim of the Eritrean dictator’s concentration of forces on the Tigrian border is to divert and shift the attention of the TPLF towards Shabea Eritrea. The aim in so doing is to give political breathing space and morale boost to the dying regime of Colonel Abiy Ahmed.

The question is: what should be the political position of the Eritrean nationalist forces in the cause of justice and democracy if the Eritrean dictator again ignites war against the Tigrian people and the TPLF?

As far as I am concerned, by their very nature, such wars of aggression as the one that the Eritrean dictator is planning to start against Tigrai – in order to save Colonel Abiy Ahmed from collapse under the deadweight of the prevailing irreconcilable contradictions in Ethiopia — is reactionary and criminal, one which the entire Eritrean people must oppose and resist by armed means in order to overthrow the callous regime of Issayas Afeworki and consign to the dustbin of history.

In other words, if war breaks out between Tigrai and Eritrea at the instigation and provocation of the Eritrean dictator, Eritrean revolutionaries must make sure that the Eritrean defence forces desert and turn their guns against the Eritrean dictator and his running dogs and rid Eritrea, once and for all, of fascistic tyranny.

Down with PFDJ fascistic dictatorship!

Eritrea and its people will prevail!