VIDEO: Who is Ruling Eritrea today: An Ethiopian or Eritrean?


Who Is Issayas Afeworki?

Today the Eritrean people under the fascist rule of Issayas Afeworki have become an endangered species.

They (the Eritrean people) are thus fully entitled to know the national origin of the person misruling Eritrea and systematically exterminating its people today.

This video is part one. It provides a detailed answer to the question posed above. 






  1. isaias afewerk was born in Asmera of Deqi Arba’a tegaru parents, of which there is no question. However, that fact alone could not and ought not have portrayed him as the biblical Judah in the eyes of fast growing number of Eritreans. It is rather, while paying lip service to Eritrean causes– independence, unity , sovereignty, state of well being of its people–, his relentless, unabashed, unscrupulous and malicious acts he has been committing on Eritrean people, aimed at completely wiping them out from their land by any means necessary and on their ashes, to build abai tigrai.

    His treacherous acts spans since he joined ELF in 1966. Back then, he very quickly gained the trust of Qiada Al Ama by exhibiting false love for Arabic language, by falsely convincing Qiada Al Ama to categorize and murder the innocent and naive university students from Christian Highlanders as spies of Ethiopian security apparatus.

    Within EPLF, in collaboration with the Obelin, the number of the educated Christian Highlanders he slaughtered as leftists, rightists, Ethiopian spies , CIA spies etc. is simply astounding. At the sametime, as we have been witnessing at this very moment, he manipulated the uneducated Christian Highlanders to be his loyal accomplices by portraying the general picture of the educated elite not only as foreign spies but also as opportunists, lazy, cowards, chatterboxes, who , if they are not taken care of then , would rob them of their livelihood after independence. In a nut shell, this con artist had created war between these two categories within EPLF.

    The secret behind his relentless onslaught on our elites can be found on our ancient proverbe– Zeyteweqre Met-han Aye-t-hn, Zeytemahre Seb Ayedhin. The impostor isaias afewerk has been deliberately wiping out our educated class so he can blindfold and herd peasant population into the grave he had dug for them.

    The status of the present Badme is the microcosm of his evil dream for the whole Eritrea, of which no genuine Eritrean should have any doubt. We know Badme was within Eritrean Map even after its was annexed to Ethiopia. Its entire inhabitants were Eritreans. ELF had it under its control. It was soon after ELF disintegrated that the impostor isaias afewerk handed it to woyane, who very quickly let loose tegaru marauders to kill,plunder, loot its Eritrean inhabitants as a means of forcing them to leave, followed by tegaru settlers.

    Between 1995 and 1997, Badme had become free of any Eritreans, replaced by tegaru . The total number Eritreans woyane forcefully evicted from Badme were close to hundred thousands, whose plea was totally ignored by the impostor. The 1998 war the impostor launched was not therefore to resurrect Badme but to systematically push Eritrea to meet fate of Badme, to become integral part of tigrai.

    It was towards achieving that end that he, after the war ended and treaty signed that he dissolved the Baito, suspended the Constitution, established a Junta exclusively composed of tegaru cabals and launched Reign of Terror that have been terrorizing Eritreans to flee their country in droves. This is nothing but a repeat of deEritreanization of Badme, only on higher and greater scale, all over Eritrea, and by woyane within.

    And it is not by coincident that Badme has once again become a center of controversy. It is rather by design, by meticulous preparation between woyane without and woyane within. Neither is the disagreement surfacing between the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia and woyane over Badme serious but a smoke screen for woyane ,who is armed to the teeth, to wage war a over Eritrea on account of Badme. Of course in vain!!