Who Mandated the Eritrean Dictator to Provide Military Bases to the Arabs on Eritrean Soil?


By Mdre Bahri, London, November 4, 2015

On October 29, 2015, echoing other reports, Mdre Bahri posed the following timely and relevant question: ‘Could it be true Eritrea is siding with and supporting Saudi Arabia’s criminal War against Yemen?’  Similarly, on November 1, 2015, Mdre Bahri posted an unconfirmed report bearing the title ‘Saudi Coalition has moved its Military base to Eritrea’. In it, Mdre Bahri hesitantly reported that the Saudi coalition has established a military base in the Southern Eritrean port of Assab.

However, so far the repressive PFDJ regime has failed to respond to the claim the presence of an Emirati naval or the leasing the Eritrean Port of Assab to the UAE. It could thus now be safely stated that the UAE has indeed leased the Eritrean Port of Assab for the last 30 years, and that the Arab coalitions have already begun conducting criminal military offensives from Eritrean soil to suppress the armed uprising of the oppressed Yemeni population.

Thus, assuming the report that Eritrea has allowed the Gulf alliance to use the Hanish Islands and has leased the Port of Assab to the UAE for 30 years is based in fact, it is vital to ask the following pivotal questions: who mandated the brutal Eritrean dictator to allow foreign military bases to be established on Eritrean soil? Is it not the prerogative of a popularly elected and fully mandated sovereign Eritrean parliament to refuse any request for the establishment of foreign military bases on Eritrean soil? Besides this, is it not a betrayal of the declared guiding principles and the spirit of the Eritrean revolution to permit foreign forces to be stationed on Eritrean soil?

Moreover, seen from a long-term perspective, do providing foreign military bases on Eritrean soil enhance or undermine the security of Eritrea and its people? In addition, seen from the perspective of international law, is an agreement reached by the Eritrean dictator with foreign powers in granting military bases on Eritrean soil legally binding, or could it be made null and void by the stroke of the pen of a successor government?

What’s more, why has the PFDJ government failed to inform the Eritrean public about the nature and details of the agreement it has concluded with foreign powers on the use of Assab as a port and military base? Last but not least, how do Africa and other regional powers view the Arabisation of the Red Sea?

Mdre Bahri welcomes readers’ analysis, views and opinions on the above questions.