Why and How Mdre Bahri Differs From Some of the Traditional Eritrean Websites!!


The traditional Eritrean websites and other media report what happened. But rarely do they provide an in-depth analysis into why things are happening. Mdre Bahri, therefore, is a news outlet created to fill the empty gap which exists in news reporting in the Eritrean arena.

Mdre Bahri will boldly and truthfully inform its readers not only what happened but also why things have happened and why they are happening the way they do.

What is more, Mdre Bahri is also a unique website because it is the only website that has identified correctly, and on time, that the enemies of Eritrea and its people are the tyrannical PFDJ-led government of Eritrea and the equally tyrannical TPLF/EPRDF-led government of Ethiopia.

It is also the only website which openly advocates the overthrow of these two anti-peace and anti-democracy governments so that real peace, stability and economic progress can prevail in both Eritrea and Ethiopia and in the Horn of Africa at large.  

So always stay tuned to Mdre Bahri!