Why buidling a mosque, synagogue or a catholic church is not allowed in Aksum!!

Facade of a new church, Church of St Mary of Zion, Axum, Ethiopia

Contributed by a reader

The leaders of the Ethiopian Tewahdo Christian Church strictly believes the Orthodox Christianity is the only true religion. Catholics and Protestants are tolerated but not accepted. It is unnecessary to actively dismantle the Catholics or Protestants.

St. Mary Zion Church at Aksum keeps The Arc of the Covenant. Thus it is Holy Site for Orthodox Christians. Synagogues or Catholic Churches are not allowed to stand. This has been the tradition up to now and this generation should uphold the tradition.

Aksum is not against Islam. It was Aksum who offered asylum to the first followers of Mohammed. As Wikipaedia notes:”The Kingdom of Aksum has a longstanding relationship with Islam. According to ibn Hisham,[8] when Muhammad faced oppression from the Quraysh clan, he sent a small group that included his daughter Ruqayya and her husband Uthman to Axum. Sahama, the Aksumite king,[9] gave them refuge and protection. He refused the requests of the Quraish clan to send these refugees back to Arabia. These refugees did not return until the sixth Hijri year (628), and even then many remained in Ethiopia, eventually settling at Negash in what is now the Misraqawi Zone”.

It is not allowed to build mosques in Aksum not because Aksum is against Islam. Aksum is more important than The Vatican as it is the oldest Christian Site, having the oldest church. Thus it is reasonable to keep the old tradition of not allowing other religious groups to be built in the holy sites of Aksum. For Muslims, Negash has one of second oldest mosque in the world. Negash is about 30 km from Aksum, near Wukro. For Catholics, Adigrat has a church built in the 19th Century.