Why is the public not informed about the planned workshop on the future of Eritrea?

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis, London, 03.11.2015


As has been already reported by Meskerem.net and Mdre Bahri, a meeting has been arranged by a German research institute for the representatives of Eritrean opposition groups; Civic society and German Observers for November 13-14, 2015 in Frankfurt, to discuss about the future of Eritrea. However, much to our surprise, the Eritrean public is not officially informed about a meeting of such a magnitude to discuss the future of Eritrea. What is more, out of the more than 36 Eritrean opposition groups in the Diaspora, only 6 organization are invited to discuss a plethora of issues of a rather great importance without the involvement of the known independent Eritrean intellectuals and the representatives of the general public.

The question is thus why is the meeting being organized with such serious shortcomings and non-inclusive?

To discuss the above mentioned issues, there will be a discussion tonight at the Pal talk room Eritrean Democracy for all (Room Ex-Fbi) at 20.00 pm Berlin time.

All Eritreans are welcome to participate in the discussion.

Mdre Bahri!