With the Coronavirus pandemic, no one will be safe until we all are safe!


Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

So far, I have been informing readers in general, and Eritrean readers of Mdrebahri in particular, that the new coronavirus, Covid-19, is a serious threat to mankind and that, in order to preserve our lives and the lives of our family members, we Eritreans must be fully alert and strictly follow the directions and guidelines issued by the host governments in Western Europe, North America and elsewhere.

The fact is that, unless a miracle happens and all governments take immediate and effective measures in a cooperative spirit everywhere, without exception, there could be death and suffering in all countries of the globe unseen before in their magnitude and speed. 

Indeed, the brutal and stark reality with the coronavirus pandemic is that no one is going to be safe until all people inhabiting this planet are safe from this killer infectious disease.

It is, therefore, not a favour for the economically and technologically advanced countries to support and poor African and other Third World countries and assist them to cope effectively with this merciless attack. Rather, it is an act of human solidarity necessary to ensure the survival of all of us who share this planet Earth and who breathe the same air.

It must be clearly understood that coronavirus is a global disease and can only be effectively dealt with, and defeated by, a worldwide united front that will fight it and consign it to the museum of history like all pandemic diseases before it.

I am especially concerned here with the fate of the Eritrean people – not because I am an Eritrean myself or because I think the Eritreans are, in any way, better than others – but because I know that Eritreans are already an endangered species, suffering immensely under the claws and fangs of fascist oppression and a callous dictatorship hell-bent on working towards their extinction. 

I am concerned because I can imagine what could happen to a country that is poorly prepared to deal with a problem of such magnitude, having hospitals without medical supplies, equipment or beds, lacking a sufficient number of trained doctors and nurses and without a central authority giving clear directions and guidelines for tackling the problem.

Therefore, unless world governments, the UN, the European Union, the African Union, and other human-rights organisations put pressure on the Eritrean dictator to close Sawa – the Eritrean Gulag – immediately, along with more than 350 overcrowded, unhygienic and inhuman underground prisons, and unless Eritrea receives urgently needed medical supplies, equipment and other forms of assistance, there can be no doubt that we will soon be witnessing the cruel face of the coronavirus pandemic in our country.

May God, the Almighty, protect and save the Eritrean people.