Zionist Police Shot and Killed an Innocent Eritrean Refugee in Israel!

By Mdre Bahri, London, October 19, 2015


On Sunday the 18th of October 2015, an innocent Eritrean bystander was shot by a racist Israeli undercover police officer and unwarrantedly savagely beaten and kicked repeatedly in the head by a mob. Despite suffering from massive bleeding, the victim was refused medical treatment and later died in agonising pain in a criminally negligent hospital. The deadly, wanton attack against the Eritrean refugee took place at Beersheba Bus Station. What makes the sadistic mob attack on the innocent young refugee so awful, cruel and barbaric is that it took place while the victim had fallen to the ground soaked in his own blood and crying for help. What a savage act!

As we go to the press, the name of the murdered Eritrean refugee is not yet known. It is known, however, that there are thousands of Eritrean refugees living under deplorable conditions in Israel. Thousands of these Eritrean refugees remain illegally detained in the harsh Negev desert, as if they were ordinary criminals. The State of Israel is detaining and forcefully repatriating Eritrean refugees while fully cognizant of the fact that international law forbids the detention, deportation or forced repatriation of refugees to places where they face torture and real danger to their lives. In other words, the Israeli authorities are detaining Eritrean refugees and asylum-seekers in the desert prison while knowing perfect well that is a flagrant violation of international human rights law. This is being done so because Israeli Zionist politicians and about 86 per cent of the voters in Israel view and treat Eritrean and other African refugees as undesirable sub-humans aliens unwelcome in Israel.

There can be thus no doubt that the brutal treatment of Eritrean refugees by the Zionist state of Israel, and yesterday’s cowboy style shooting of an Eritrean refugee and the vindictive mob attack which followed, is a clear manifestation of the openly violent racist and xenophobic nature of Israeli society.

Consequently, Mdre Bahri calls on the Secretary General of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the international community to shoulder their responsibility and put pressure on the government of Israel to respect all existing Conventions pertaining to refugees, international laws and norms and condemn the police brutality and mob violence committed against innocent Eritrean refugees and consider an alternative host countries for the resettlement the thousands of Eritrean refugees at present stranded in Israel.

Mdre Bahri also calls on the democrats, human right campaigners and other progressive forces the world over to strongly condemn the reckless and dastardly killing of an unarmed innocent Eritrean refugee. Likewise, Mdre Bahri also calls on the Eritrean communities in Israeli and elsewhere to stage massive protest demonstration and demand the culprit to be brought to justice.